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These pictures, of the area and experience which are the inspiration for my Global Village Mysteries, are a mixture of old and new. The black-and-whites are old, taken by Steven Schewe, a Peace Corps friend.

The ones of color were taken by me on my iPhone during my recent revisit to Gambella, with care to violate neither individual privacy nor state prohibitions. They include my hotel in Gambella, walks around the town, and trips to surrounding areas like Itang and Abobo.

I’m going to leave it to you to figure out which are which, and which stories they go with.



Welcome to my gallery of photos from Albania, where I went to gather material for a book (see Spinning Wool), and came away, after learning about international peace parks, with inspiration for many more (see Unquiet Peace).

I hope it captures for you something of the intractable landscape, indomitable people, and weight of history in this country where deep roots of human nature are exposed like the gnarled roots of an ancient tree.



  1. Debbie, these are marvelous pictures. What great adventures you have had.

    • Aren’t they wonderful? I’ve finally gotten them up–with a little help!–and I could sit and watch them all day! Thanks for checking them out!

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